Hey everybody! As many of you know we are writing for a new record and we are excited about the new songs and musical direction. What most of you don't know is that we will be releasing this next record independently. It has been a while since we have released an independent record and a lot has changed since then. For one we have gained so many amazing fans all over the world that have supported us in so many incredible ways. Secondly the increasing popularity of social media which has aloud us to directly communicate with so many of you. Which is one of the main reasons why we are so excited about releasing this record independently. It basically means that we have the opportunity to make this record together with everyone of you. With your partnership we can make this project something that we all can be proud of. We want this experience to be awesome for everyone. So we are offering some awesome exclusive incentives when you help us fund this next chapter in the Fireflight story. A story that we want you to be a part of. Please check out our page and all of the incentives. For more info please go Let's do this!!!



Record Number 5!!!!!

Here we are again, standing at the edge of a new day! A new day means new adventures, new challenges, and new mountains to climb. That's right, as many of you already know, we are writing for another record! As we prepare for our fifth record ('s crazy to think this will be our fifth!) we have been reflecting on and drawing inspiration from the many changes in our lives and in the band. Over the past 2 years since we recorded and released NOW life has taken many different unexpected turns. All of these unexpected changes and challenges in the past couple of years have brought us to a place of sweet surrender. Surrender to not only what God wants Fireflight as a band to become, but also what God is calling each person within the band to become. We are learning to surrender to the unexpected and embrace each challenge as it comes along. We are viewing this time as a much needed renewal of sorts. A reboot if you will! 

Over the past several weeks we have challenged ourselves to broaden our thinking both musically and lyrically. We are growing as a band, as musicians, as individuals, as well as in our faith and walk with God. Our musical influences have also broadened over the past few years. Therefore we are throwing all of these new experiences and influences into the big ol'pot of music that will make up record number 5! We couldn't be more excited about the direction of this next record and know that God will use it to touch and inspire. Thank you for your loving support...more to come!

Fireflight LIVE STREAM Acoustic Show Thurs. Oct 24!!!

Fireflight is excited to announce that we will be doing a LIVE online acoustic performance!!! After so many requests for more Fireflight acoustic performances, we are very happy to oblige! We will be going live for a 30 minute acoustic performance on Thursday, Oct 24th at 6pm CST (7pm EST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST, 8pm Brazil, 1am Eur.) We are currently making up the set list and would love to know which songs from our current records that you, the fans, would like for us to play? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to let us know which Fireflight tunes you would like to be considered.  We will be sending out Facebook and Twitter updates in the upcoming days with all of the ticket/website info etc. Looking forward to hanging out with all of you on Oct 24th on the World Wide Web!

Farewell and many thanks to Justin

It is with heavy and bittersweet hearts that we say farewell to our original lead guitarist, friend and brother Justin Cox. After taking some time off of the road for the past few months, Justin has made the tough yet admirable decision to leave Fireflight and the road to be a husband and father to his growing family. Justin has issued a leaving statement to you, the fans…..

"Hey everyone! A lot of you may have noticed that I've not been playing with Fireflight for the last few months. I've been on a break from the band since January to figure out what I need to do with the band and my life in general.

In the last two years, I have been through a lot of trials. My wife, Jessica, who was our merch person for a long time, had to leave the road for health reasons, which was very difficult for me. She was diagnosed anorexic, which helped birth the song "He Weeps," as some of you may have figured out. Since then, she has recovered from a lot of the health issues related to it and we are now expecting our first child this year!

In addition to struggling with having joy in touring, I realized that I needed to take steps to make sure that my family was taken care of first and foremost. After much prayer and consideration, I decided that I needed to stay home and be the best husband and soon to be father I could be. 

I love and miss every single one of you. My life has been enriched and blessed beyond my wildest dreams by your stories, your hearts and your love. I never imagined that I would ever be able to do the things I've done in Fireflight, and feel so honored that God allowed me to. Many dreams I've had have come true, and I can only thank God and each one of YOU for that.

Fireflight's music will always be very special to me as it helped me grow into the person I am today. 

Thank you so much for always being the most passionate fans in Christian music. You all kept me going when I was down, and I will always remember that."

Justin has been a part of Fireflight for almost 14 years, since the very beginning. From jamming and dreaming in the living room of Glenn and Wendy's tiny 1 bedroom apartment to playing arenas to thousands all over the world, as well as receiving several Dove nominations and a Grammy nomination. Justin's uplifting spirit, dedication and creativity helped to form the Fireflight that thousands of fans in the U.S. and many different countries have come to love. Please join us in wishing Justin many blessings in all of his future endeavors! You can post your well wishes on our Facebook, we're sure he would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more exciting Fireflight news to come!

Fall Tour Announcement


Fireflight is excited to announce the "Escape The Fall Tour" presented by World Vision! The Escape The Fall Tour will be hitting several cities this Oct/Nov. Joining Fireflight will be Tooth And Nail recording artist Nine Lashes and independent hip hop artist Benjah. The Escape The Fall Tour will be the fourth and final tour in support of Fireflight's Dove nominated album "NOW"! If you haven't seen Fireflight  or even if you have, you'll want to make sure you check the tour dates and make plans to come experience the Escape The Fall Tour. The Escape Fall Tour is currently still booking!